Stacy Kutyepov

 Software Engineer  🔶 Tech Content Creator  🔶 Global Ambassador  🔶 JavaScript Enthusiast 

Stacy Kutyepov is a passionate Software Engineer who has an extensive background in various coding languages, developing web applications, and building websites from the ground up. She switched from a career in art to pursue coding after missing technical problem solving.

Outside of coding, she is an active member of the WomenTech Network community: working on diversity initiatives and engaging the public through a blog and social media.

Professional strengths include creative problem-solving, written and verbal communication and time management. She takes initiative in difficult situations and always strives to improve the product with new ideas.

Passionate about books, traveling and learning new things!


Languages: JavaScript (ES5. ES6+), HTML5, CSS (CSS3), MySQL, C, Python

Frameworks/Libraries: React.js, Gatsby.js, Redux, Redux-saga, Reselect, Material UI, Styled-Components, webpack, npm, babel

Version control: Git

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