Why There Should be More Women in Tech?  

Time to read: 4 min | 29 September, 2020 | Stacy Kutyepov

Not a long time ago, I created a sort of interrogation on my Instagram page, where I encouraged everyone to speak up.

People were reaching out with their great ideas on why we should make this significant change. After all, I was not surprised by consciousness, but involvement, interest and support I have received.

I am not going to make a tedious introduction, assuming, that people who are reading this blog post are familiar with the gender gap in the Tech World.

I would like to quote several of the fantastic people sharing their ideas about why there should be more Women in Tech!

@theitgirlgram “Women should be in Tech because working with technology requires so much from you. For example, being a creative problem solver, communicating complex topics in simple forms, negotiating and influencing people, encouraging teammates and bringing people together, and a genuine curiosity and love for how technology can make the world a better place. All of those things are things that women already excel at! All women can be #ITGirls!”

@coding_mirza “More women should be in Tech because the industry has a lot to offer them many opportunities. I have seen women have great problem-solving skills which men tend to have. Second, the tech industry is evolving and requires more workforce if we estimate by 2030 more than 4 million programmers will be required by the industry in the world. Not all men are ready to come to the industry, so it’s a great opportunity for women to excel in this field and they can easily work remotely as well in the industry.”

@gettingcomputey “Because nothing about code designates gender. Anybody can contribute looks to society, but it’s ideas that move the world. Women were the first pioneers of this industry, and for there to be any question about whether they belong in it is ridiculous.”

@healthylivinalex "More women should be interested in tech because it’s an awesome, diverse field! There’s a slew of different roles and angles to work in tech from. The jobs also provide flexibility, competitive salaries and potential opportunities to travel! Whether you’re creative and enjoy designing, data-focused and enjoy backend development or want to be part of the teams that create hardware we all use, there’s a place in tech for you."

@ashveenaankammah “Women remain brazenly still under-represented, if not unrepresented in the corporate structure, especially in the C-suite network. Having more women integrating the Tech world now only levels the playing field, but also contributes towards normalizing the levitation of women in C-suite positions, since women are usually overlooked due to their lack of “technical and tech-savvy-ness.” If more women take a seat at the table the inclusion of our perspective will be considered, magnified and normalized — Hence created a healthier ecosystem for both men and women to co-exist in the Corporate world.”

@dashadobszai “Because that’s the present and the future. This kind of job for those who want to travel the world or have a family, work from home or the island. IT gives freedom, constant growth and it’s well paid.”

@im_skeptic “Well, what I think is “There is no such field like women related field or men related field should exist in future because these things making a stereotypical work culture”. Women are capable of doing tech and others but after seeing gender-related fields they stop actively participating in it. Also, if this happens equality start to prevail.”

@shadencodes “Women are smart, organized and creative. They can be ideal leaders!”

@programmaticallybrunette “The world is changing, we are in a technological revolution. Every industry is transforming to include tech into it → ad-tech, fin-tech, med-tech, etc. So getting into tech is a smart move. Also, I love several aspects of programming — how it combines logic + creativity, and being able to turn a concept into a reality and put it out into the world for others to use.”

@codeinparadise “We need to destroy the stigma that tech is only for nerds who started coding in their childhood. I feel that many women are not even aware of the opportunities the tech field offers because they already think it’s not for them without even trying .”

@itsm.lady_old “Tech is an incredible adventure in a world of possibilities and technology. Here every day is a discovery and a new invention. There are many smart people and interesting acquaintances. The IT field is so diverse that it offers many choices and development options. It is prestigious to work in IT sphere. It is a fairy tale. It is a pleasure to read it every day.”

@mytechxperience “Women are capable of the same things or even more things than men! We have many qualities to be great at tech fields! We are excellent leaders, we are passionate, disciplined and we like to work hard to get things done! All of these qualities fit great in tech jobs!”

@kennethreynolds78 "Tech affects all of us so, we desperately need a woman’s perspective when planning, designing and developing products and apps in order to not be skewed or exclusionary."

@deniorlik_codes “I switched careers to tech because it simply suits me. My childhood dream wasn’t to be like Britney. I wanted to be Trinity from Matrix. I worked as an office assistant before, and I am sick of being pleasant to look at and to communicate with, and I am sick of making coffee to men. I am so much more. I just have been afraid for almost 30 years to be what I am. And many women are. Many women have brilliant brains that can make this world a better place, yet they are often stuck basic jobs. That needs to change. Humankind is wasting so much potential with the way things are now.

Thank you for taking the time to read those inspiring opinions!